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Content is Everything.



Good content without good strategy will fail.

Understand the audience. Know your goals. Get decision-maker buy-in. Do your due diligence, and execute on your strategic vision.


When a major auto manufacturing client pivoted to a new corporate vision, it needed to convey the value and reasoning to over 150,000 employees.

My content and communications blueprint gave managers the tools and guidance they needed to cascade company messaging in a way that was appropriate for their specific audience--on the production line and in corner offices.

This approach led to less time explaining, better program adoption, and an overall smoother rollout for a beleaguered communications team.


Understanding and nurturing a brand--whether it's a company or a product--is increasingly seen as more do or die than ever. This includes not only brand attractiveness and consistency, but increasingly public perception and employee experience, as well.

I've developed brand standards and messaging, as well as designed, written, and produced on-brand digital and print content.


Seeking to motivate members of Congress to green-light funding for Amtrak rail expansion, a trade group asked me to help create one-page leave-behinds for Congressional hearings.

I took the information provided via a bucket of PDFs, then led design and performed all writing and content strategy. The result was a successful program that reinforced oneRail’s core brand while adding much-needed detail to their campaign paraphernalia.



The best creative work comes from an empathetic collaboration between all those at work on a project. This includes client stakeholders, designers, producers, writers, art and creative directors, and executive sponsors.

My background in visual and video creative spans corporate, agency, B2B, B2C, internal, digital, live events, and executive presentations.


When our start-up was acquired, I spearheaded the task of innovating the new company's content product around Leadership. This meant auditing every aspect of the existing offerings for ways to enhance the user experience and boost new sales.

As part of my global content product roadmap, we created new video and graphical assets that helped improve the overall user experience, and led to improved customer satisfaction metrics.


With over 200+ video scripts created on topics as diverse as unconscious bias and equity, I have a wealth of experience in making complex or difficult topics engaging and resonant.

Whether for clients or product marketing, my approach is the same: take the time to understand who you're talking to, why, what they need to take away from the content, and what their deeper, individual motivations might be.


As part of a new marketing promotion, I wrote and managed creation of a product and company “sizzle reel” video to be distributed across all marketing channels. The results were stronger leads and a 2x increase in sales discovery conversations.


From executive presentations to blogs to feature-length articles, I am used to working on deadline and collaborating. My particular expertise is taking the complex and making it both more understandable and more engaging.

In an age where technology is challenging the very fabric of the copywriting field, it's important to remember that human-curated content is still essential.


I was asked to write an employee experience article by a Portland-based creative agency. I worked with senior agency partners to gather the information they wanted to express.

The result was well received and a featured read on the agency website and social media channels. We worked together on three subsequent projects.


UX/Web content

Whether it's web-based, mobile, or in-person,my digital project experience has ranged from digital marketing strategy and UX writing, to concepting and directing an experiential kiosk, to website launches.

Tight, SEO-friendly web copy is essential. Social media marketing and strategy is also in my toolkit.


I worked with the head of Tivian marketing on revamping their existing website to represent the company's new identity and its new product.

This meant a fresh information architecture, and new copy throughout. 2.0 is sleek, efficient, and more responsive because of these enhancements.


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