The Man From Denver

DORAN MILLER-ROSENBERG | TWITTER | E-MAIL   When I became sentient, I didn’t understand the NBA. My instincts told me basketball was its most beautiful and efficient when the team was put before its parts. Seems reasonable enough. And yet in my lifetime it was the stars that dominated the Association. The personalities (read: brands) […]

The Poetry of YS Fing, Part I

Y.S. FING | E-MAIL Sensitive Father’s Perspective There’s no pleasure in watching these boys play Much seeming nastiness is merely stupidity Laughter masks weakness and confusion And is used to attack before hiding in tears There are some boys, a high percentage perhaps, Whose moral awareness will never kick-in right They may feel it most […]

An Affair With Radio

J.G. SULLIVAN | E-MAIL   You never considered yourself a sports fan. You were an aesthete. You lived for art and music and philosophical conversations about existential dilemmas. You ran with a pack of weirdoes and misfits and thought that by your late twenties you’d be sipping espresso at an outdoor café in Paris and working […]

Hello, I Must Be Going

ANTHONY ZUMPANO | TWITTER | E-MAIL   A team that develops a green rookie into a bona fide star is rewarding the fans’ patience. But the acquisition of an established superstar delivers instant gratification, at least initially. The press conference is a party, beat reporters gush, fans get excited (and buy season tickets, of course), […]