Issue #1 – Beginnings

An Affair With Radio
By J.G. Sullivan

Life isn’t easy. It takes a toll. The friends you had have moved on. The life you were going to lead? It’s led itself. What do you do when the transient nature of existence makes living a day-to-day trial? You turn to sports radio, of course. J.G. Sullivan takes you on a ride beyond the mundane, to Long Island and beyond. More +

The Fight of Their Lives | BOOK I | BOOK II | BOOK III
By Damien Acevedo

The 2013 New York Golden Gloves finals in Brooklyn were a chance for amateurs to make their mark in front of family and a crowd. “The Fight of Their Lives” is Damien Acevedo’s photographic look at one night, winners and losers, dreams and hopes on the canvas. An accompaniment to the essay “Fight Night.” More +

Fight Night
By Sunil Joshi

The Barclay’s Center rises like a futuristic castle above the dirty streets of downtown Brooklyn. One night in April, the best amateur boxers in New York met for a chance at greatness. Sunil Joshi was there to witness the main event: the Barclay’s Center itself. An accompaniment to the photo essay “The Fight of Their Lives.” More +

The Poetry of YS Fing, Part I
By Y.S. Fing

A father watches his son. Lessons from the master Michel Foucault on discipline. Tae Kwon Do. The end of Yao Ming’s NBA career. Poet Y.S. Fing brings his poetic vision of sports to life in a compilation of his poetry. More +

Hello, I Must Be Going
By Anthony Zumpano

Your team has just signed a superstar. The franchise’s future is bright. Then before you can buy his jersey, he’s shipped out or leaves the new team for greener pastures. Anthony Zumpano takes a look at several cases of flight not fight in major American sports, including A-Rod, Piazza, and of course Reggie Jackson, the Oriole. More +

The Man From Denver
By Doran Miller-Rosenberg

After all the flash, pomp and league coddling of the World Champion Lakers, the NBA needed an influx of toughness, defense and heart. Doran Miller-Rosenberg found his own Bad Boys, led by vagabond point guard Chauncey Billups, who would bring the Lakers down a peg or two on the way to an NBA title. More +

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